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Liliums for in your garden

Lilies for the garden, there are many types, sizes and colors. Make your garden look beautiful with these unique and affordable bulbs.

Most species do best in a light, humus rich soil. Do not use fresh manure, dry organic fertilizer is good to use. Application in March and again after flowering. A potassium fertilizer used one month before flowering will provide large and well-colored flowers.

Each year a layer of compost does wonders. In dry periods water the soil so that it is moist till 10cm deep is good enough usually.

Lilies can be perfect in the border. Because of their height they provide "'drama" and feel good next to the big leave plants and low remaining plants (feet in the shade and head in the sun) which at the time when the lilies are flowering already are on their peak. In nature they are also most common among lower vegetation and grassland. Lilies come in almost all colors (only blue is missing): pure white, cream-colored, all in pastel pink and lilac, striped and spotted, and who dares to re-plant yellow, orange and red in the border to use? In England, the "hot border" is called to be very popular!

But in the garden, choose the scented species. If you walk through your garden on a warm evening in July and the spicy scent is your response, it is a time to enjoy.

Lilies are speciaal ! If you once got them in your home you don't want other plants anymore. Here you can read more about how to take care of a lilium and more. In our forum you can post your questions and your expercienses.
Liliums need to be cut well to keep them longer in a vase. Normally two weeks should be fine...
Lilies for planting in a garden are plenty available. Several varieties in different collours and sizes. Make your garden...
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